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In this Grumpy-Sunshine Curvy Girl & Alpha-hole Billionaire Boss Christmas Romance


Alphalicious and demanding to no end, Xander Halls is Holly’s bossy crush and it seems he won’t be happy until he’s pulled the last fa la la la la la la la la out of her. The question is, why?


24-year-old Holly Hart is a sweet and unassuming woman, lover of all things Christmas.

She’s always been sure of two facts since she got old enough to understand life: it was scientifically impossible she could meet someone who could make her sick of the Season to be Jolly and, most of all, she was never ever going to meet a man who would make her wish to change her permanent status from nice to naughty, but this Christmas is about to prove her wrong because she is going to meet both in the huge, hunky and sexy person of Xander Halls, the CEO of Halls Tech.

Barely 30 years old and already a self-made billionaire, Xander is currently her major client and the absolute bane of her existence. Apparently, he doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘no’ even though he is so fond of barking it in her face. She’s pretty sure he could make Santa’s elves cry with a single well-placed glare, and yet she can’t stop herself from melting for him.

Throwing a Christmas party is Holly’s ultimate vocation, but Xander is arrogant, brooding, unsociable, and bossy, and he is making things impossible for her. The stubborn bastard hasn’t got a single ounce of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men to spare for her!
It seems no matter what Holly does or says, Xander has to contradict her. Veto should be his freaking middle name or Grinch, maybe — yes, that would work too.

All he wants for Christmas seems to be driving Holly nuts. She should hate the sight of him, but boy, the man can kiss and looks like sex on a stick or, better yet, a candy cane she can’t stop herself from drooling over!
The more Xander bosses her around, pissing her off and looking at her with those killer baby blues that could incinerate mistletoe and liquefy snow —if Phoenix would be blessed with any, that is—, the more she wants him hanging his stocking all over her and trimming her Christmas tree with his own hot brand of decorations, way better than those bought at Tiffany’s!

Dear Reader:


This is a standalone, no cheating and HEA-guaranteed holiday marshmallowy-sweet novella with a secret punch, where NAUGHTY might even be wrapped-up in NICE, but is still definitely there.

Bad things are about to be flagged on Santa’s list around here, ‘cause it looks like this kindle-melting Alpha is one Halls this Holly will have some trouble decking!

Get tangled in this intricate mess more than you do when attempting to unravel strings of twinkling lights. You won’t regret it and your Christmas this year will not only be bright but tropical hot too!

Deck Me Up

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